My true passion is for people; How emotions effect them, how they think, what drives them to make decisions and what they want. This passion is the corner stone of why I am compelled to tell stories, create title sequences and crave collaboration. Moreover, why I seek to learn, grow and evolve from those that know more that I do.

Sacha Floyd is a Canadian Designer + Animator with a background in Cinematography.  In 2015, he broadened his skills at Vancouver Film School’s digital design program after 3 years of freelancing in film, marketing and content creation. The work has taken him all across the western world, from Canada and the US to Europe and the UK.

2019 Update: After two years of persistence, I am happy to announce, I have acquired a US E-1 WORK VISA and consulting/contracting in Los Angeles.

Two Render Rigs
Main Computer: Four 1080tis Watercooled with a Intel i9 -9980XE and 128gbs of ram.
Backup while rendering: Two 1080s with a Intel i7-5820k