Director / Cinematographer / Designer - Sacha Floyd
Producers - Jonah Eyking
1st AC - Caleb Hansen
Grip - Henry Geovanne Recinos
Actors - Steven Jackson, Naomi Atherton
Production Assistant - Ashley Fetters
MUA - Shaelyn McDonald
Ben Frost - "Dark" Soundtrack (I do not own the rights to the track.)

This is a Title Sequence for a fictitious original series called, "FLICKER". While Flicker is an origin story of a serial killer who was born from environments similar to Ed Kemper, The Zodiac killer, BT killer and Hannibal, it fixates on the deeper motives and afflictions that drove these men to act. Set in the 1970s, a young and reclusive projectionist named Eli, has a twisted view on life and how it pertains to time. Fearing the monolithic power of time and his frail existence, Eli feels compelled to immortalize himself using cinema as his medium.
The concept was built around ideas from the show Mindhunter, the cyclical symbolism of the ouroboros, and an excerpt from the poem As I Walked Out One Evening by W.H Auden; "O let not Time deceive you, You cannot conquer Time". What makes us want to be immortalized in history? What sets us on the path of destruction and what do the first steps look like? Would one's brilliant pursuits give way to repressed passions when faced with an existential crisis? These questions and others drove me to design a title that could set the stage for a character you are both curious and terrified of.
My goal with this Title Sequence was to combine cinematography, low-key lighting, and production design to create a romanticized mood of ominous and horrific acts, thereby sparking the curiosity of the audience and peaking interest for the series.
I hope you enjoyed this deeper dive into this project and its development.
Kind regards,
Sacha Floyd | Creative Director

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